How long will the flowers last?

Flowers are organic, botanical material. Great care is taken in pressing and preserving flowers, however, chemicals are not used to enhance colours of the flowers. Each flower will fade differently over different lengths of time.  As their colours naturally change this in itself is something that can be seen as beauty

How to take care of your framed pressed flowers

​​Your pressed wedding bouquet flowers can be affected by the environmental conditions in which it is placed. We do what we can to ensure your framed flowers will last as long as possible, but like all fabrics and furnishings, your flowers will gradually fade over time. Avoid hanging in direct sunlight or humid/damp areas. Handle with utmost care as small fragments of florals may fall over the years. 

Can I get a customised frame?

Yes, contact me via the custom form and let me know what you are thinking. 

What frame options do you have?

Metal Frame - flowers are encased between glass and framed using the tiffany stained glass method

Timber Frame - Once artwork is designed it will be taken to a local framer to frame in high quality timber. Teak and limewash are options at this time.  

Will flowers stay the same colour as they are in my bridal bouquet?

The short answer - no! Each flower has a way of changing through the drying process differently. For example burgundy tulips go purple... white flowers will sometimes go more of an antique white. It's actually quite amazing!

What flowers are best to press? 

Roses, ranunculus, peonies, delphiniums, cosmos, eucalyptus, bottlebrush, wattle, ferns, paper daisies, pansies, poppies, hydrangeas, freesias, hellabore, spray roses, babies breath, blushing brides... just to name a few. The type of flowers impact the 'look' of the artwork you have. A more traditional looking frame may contain many roses. A wildflower look may contain flowers that are pressed with stems - ie cosmos, anemones, delphiniums... etc.  A frame will be designed based on what flowers are sent. 

Where are you based?

I am based on the Sunshine Coast. Wedding / Floral bouquets can be dropped off at my home studio. 

Can I ship you my bridal bouquet to press?

Yes! It is recommended that flowers are only shipped if they can be express posted and arrive 1-2 days later. Shipping details will be sent to you once a booking is confirmed.

How do I get my finished piece of art?

You are able to pick it up from the Sunshine Coast or I am able to ship them to you at an additional expense. The metal frames can be shipped express for between $30 - $50 via Australian Post. However, I do not recommend this for the timber frames. These need to be posted via a courier to ensure they are not damaged and this can cost between $130 and $150. 

Can I pay my artwork off?

You just need to pay and upfront deposit of $100 to secure your booking. Payments can be made in installments or at the end before I ship it to you. Please contact me to discuss a financial arrangement that would suit you.

What happens if flowers are damaged during the shipping process?

I will press the flowers that are good and will see if it is necessary for replacement flowers to be purchased. This will be discussed with the customer first. 

Can I have my bridal bouquet recreated?

Yes! I can purchase flowers (at customers expense) from a local florist and press them and created a piece of framed art. 

What do I do if my item arrives broken?

Utmost care is taken to package your framed florals but in the rare event your item arrives broken please contact me within 24 hours via email. You will need to include a photo of the packaging and the damaged item. Because products are so unique I will discuss whether an alternate product is made or a refund is given. It is recommended that a courier is chosen to ship the timber frames over Australian Post - which is obviously a litte more expensive. 

Other questions???

Please don't hesitate to ask!