Your wedding bouquet is one of the most gorgeous parts of your wedding, so why not have the flowers pressed & framed and turned into a precious keepsake that can be admired for years to come.

  • Preserved bridal bouquet, pressed flowers between glass, wedding bouquet preservation

    Book your date

    Get in touch to see if your wedding date is available. Once confirmed you'll be asked for a $220 deposit to confirm your booking. Details on how to ship your wedding bouquet will be emailed to you.

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    Send me your wedding bouquet

    Once you've had your amazing Wedding Day, arrange for your bouquet to be shipped to me. Details in FAQ's. It's a great idea to get a family member or bridesmaid to take care of this - even as a wedding gift!

    ship your wedding bouquet 
  • Preserved bridal bouquet, pressed flowers between glass, wedding bouquet preservation , wedding keepsake, wedding gift idea

    Approve and Enjoy!

    Your wedding bouquet will then be pressed and turned into art. You will be contacted to confirm frame size & type and then approve artwork design before it is glued down and framed. And then finally it will be posted to you to as your special keepsake.

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How does pricing work?

Pressing your bouquet or memorial flowers to preserve them is an absolute privilege. Once your flowers are received, the entire bouquet is meticulously pressed and checked daily for the first week or two. Flowers are then in many cases reconstructed. So hours and hours are spent creating your beautiful keepsake. More details on the entire process below.

If there is not an option in your budget, please contact me. There may be an opportunity to just press one or two flowers from your special day to make into a smaller frame.

2024 bouquet prices will include GST. Prices are subject to change. Bookings are not confirmed until the deposit is paid and booking form is submitted.

The fine print

Prices include GST.

*** These frames must be added to the purchase of a main frame. These metal frames can be added to an order if one of the above bridal frames is purchased.  These are great add on's to give to mum's, bridesmaids...etc.  Family members may also wish to purchase their own keepsakes. These frames do not include the price of the bouquet being preserved. A flower pressing quote can be given based on what frames are chosen. 

***Only enough flowers needed for your chosen frame will be pressed and preserved

* Mini gift optional extra - gift for mother of the bride, grandma, maid of honour…etc. This frame can be added to the purchase of the main frame. 

*Prices do not include any shipping or handling

* It is recommended that timber frames are shipped via courier if unable to pick up from the Sunshine Coast, QLD. This can cost between $150 to $250 depending on the art size. Soldered pieces of art can be shipped from $55. This will be confirmed once packaged.

Frame Materials

Your frames are made to last using quality materials. Solid timber (not veneered MDF!!!) is used for frames to ensure they don't bow over time. Glass is preferred over acrylic or perspex to ensure does not get scratched or bow over time.

From wedding bouquet to final art piece - the process

This section is to give you a better understanding of why the bridal bouquets are priced as they are. Below is an approximate breakdown of how many hours it takes for each process. Each piece is a handmade original piece of art!

Flowers from the wedding bouquet are meticulously pressed - this can take up to 3 hours just to get them all in to the presses. Often flower petals have to be pulled apart and individually pressed.

The flowers are then checked every day for the first week (approx 3hours) and then left to dry perfectly for 6-8 weeks (depending on the flowers).

Once flowers are pressed - flowers that need it are reconstructed. (approx 2+ hours)

Glass is prepared and cleaned for the artwork.

The dried bouquet design is created and sent to the client for approval. (4+ hours)

Once approved, the flowers are adhered to the glass. Glue residue and fingerprints are cleaned. (1-2 hours)

Metal Frame - the frame is soldered around the glass using the tiffany stained glass method to fully encase them. The solder is then cleaned, polished, coloured, waxed and cleaned again. Ready to be delivered to it’s loving home! (2-3 hours)

Timber Frame - the timber frames are handmade by a local framer. (1-2 hours)

This process in total can take 3-6 months and in total 10 - 20 hours per piece - or until it is perfect! Flowers pressed in peak seasons may take and extra 4-12 weeks depending on workload at the time.

(This doesn't include email correspondence with the client, and any other odds and ends involved in the process)