Pressed Flower Frame Art

An art collection of Pressed Flower Frames. Each frame is a unique, ready-made piece of art that can bring nature into your home by creating an eye-catching feature piece. Each pressed flower frame features a stained glass metal frame and a hook/or chain to easily hang.

Be quick to purchase as each pressed frame is unique and one of a kind. 

Also shop large or small frames, or learn about preserving your wedding flowers / bouquet.

Imagine your home filled with beautiful fine art that has been made from beautifully preserved florals. These artistic creations have been made from the Creator's very own handiwork. Flowers and foliage that was intended to last but a moment is turned into eye-catchng statement pieces of floral art and reproduced to the highest degree of quality.

These flowers have been pressed and preserved over many months before being turned into art.

Interested in getting your wedding bouquet preserved? Check out wedding bouquet preservation.

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